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Boost your international sales!

Our mission and values

By minimizing company risk, lowering initial export investment outlays, and securing new sources of revenue, we help Polish and Spanish small and medium-sized firms succeed in worldwide development into Spanish-speaking and Polish markets. Our efforts are focused on establishing a distribution network, sales representatives, and a B2B customer base for our customers. Additionally, we also provide world class office organizational infrastructure for their sales representatives, while offering marketing, accounting, and legal guidance.

Our values 

Working together for success

Because our clients’ success is our success, they are constantly at the forefront of our company and activities. Delivering high-quality services reflects our dedication and desire to succeed at any costs. We also take on the challenge in the event of heightened investment risk, putting up every effort to avoid excessive investment losses through a thorough analysis.

Integrity and transparency

Embracing ethical standards, being honest, and speaking freely with our clients establishes a trustworthy connection. Cooperation, honesty, and taking ownership of decisions are all key values of a long-term business partnership.

Knowledge and Experience

Constant training and learning about potential markets, existing competitors, and consumer behavior patterns improves the chances of success and helps in developing creative solutions. It is a fundamental norm in our business.

Think big and make it happen 

Entering new markets necessitates a significant amount of work, calculated risk-taking, and a high level of confidence. Positive thinking, a pioneering attitude, and the pursuit of creative solutions- all contribute to shorten the route to success and remove market roadblocks. Tedalian’s objective is to come up with ambitious ideas that have a good possibility of succeeding.