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Case study

Our client: Pronar

Arrangement and scheduling of business meetings with 15 green forage machinery dealers aiming at a new distribution network in Spain.

Pronar is the largest producer of agricultural machinery in Poland, whose range includes trailers, municipal machines, and recycling devices. The professional services delivered included an analysis of the agricultural machinery market, taking into account the geographic areas of green forage, the development of a cold calling database of potential distributor partners, market prospecting, a selection of dealership companies following Pronar´s criteria, product presentation and early engagement offering.

After completing the analysis and market prospecting, 15 candidates were selected for the future distribution network. Business meetings were organized and conducted with said candidates and the Pronar sales team, which enabled the discussion of the sales portfolio, terms and conditions of cooperation, as well as the gathering of all necessary information to properly assess the business partners, who had signed distribution agreements.

Tedalian selected candidates for the sales network, arranged the meeting logistics and defined the visit agenda, that enabled a distribution network of forage machinery in Spain. Thanks to the service, the customer investment costs in market expansion were reduced and the time needed to establish a distribution network was narrowed down to one week.

Our client: Exporter of agriculture machines 

 Construction and development of distributors and dealers network of agricultural machinery in Spain.

It was a project commissioned by one of the largest wholesalers of agricultural machinery in Poland. After successes in many European countries, our client decided to enter the Spanish market with us. After analysing the main goals of our client and the sales portfolio, we started building a database of importers and trade partners whose demand matched with the offer of our client.

From the database of over 120 entities, we chose 56 potential customers with whom we interviewed, presented the assortment of our client and organized meetings. Our team participated in the offering process, the negotiation phase and monitoring of the first orders. The commercial relationships built in this way were transferred to our client, who continues operating independently the commercial network in Spain.

Thanks to Tedalian, our client significantly accelerated the entry into the Spanish market, reduced the costs of expansion and established valuable business contacts in a short time.

Our client: leading Polish biotechnology company

Building a B2B customer base and a distribution network in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, commissioned by the leader of the Polish biotechnology industry in the field of car and beauty. Our client’s products belong to the avant-garde of global body care products. Our task was to conduct prospecting of potential distributor partners and recipients to select companies interested in long-term cooperation.

We led early engagement conversations with the above-mentioned entities, performed joint presentations with our client, we shared product samples and actively participated in the bidding process. After establishing the terms of cooperation, we coordinated trainings and presentations for final customers. We are proud to be part of a strategic project of international expansion to the Iberian and South American markets.

Tedelian created a reliable network of contacts in Spanish-speaking countries and supported the negotiation process, thanks to which the client eliminated the high costs of entering foreign markets and shortened the entire process.

Our client: Quesos Cantó

Development of a distribution network in Poland for a Spanish producer of dairy products.

For over 45 years, Quesos Cantó has been offering its customers a unique range of goat cheeses with different maturing periods, flavors, and textures. The dairy company from Elche, near Alicante, is a pioneer in the production of dairy products, using modern industrial methods while maintaining the best practices of artisanal production. Its aim is to obtain a natural product without additives and preservatives that could change the texture, taste and quality of the artisan cheese. The supply chain integrated with the production process ensures the highest quality of the raw material and control of the production process, allowing for the preservation of the full range of nutritional values.

Quesos Cantó awarded our company with an outbound marketing project to analyze the Polish cheese market, to conduct market prospection and present the product offer, as well as to hold business meetings initiating cooperation. After creating a database of over 70 Polish distribution companies, we performed a cold calling campaign focused on decision makers that hold key positions in their organizations, such as general managers, sales managers and procurement directors. We have provided potential business partners with product samples and commercial offers. Additionally, we participated in business meetings and negotiation of commercial terms and conditions.

Thanks to the service provided, the first products of the Quesos Cantó company reached the tables of Polish consumers less than three months after the start of the project, shortening the time to enter the market and reducing by half the costs of alternative methods of expansion, such as trade missions or dairy exhibitions.

Our client: Allegro

Business meetings translation assistance and lead generation at e-Commerce exhibition in Madrid. Allegro is the most popular shopping platform in Poland and the largest e-commerce platform of European origin. 

Each month, 22 million customers visit the platform, which is equivalent to almost 80% of all Internet users in Poland. They can choose from over 250m offers at the most attractive prices with maximum convenience, including fast and free deliveries under the Allegro Smart! programme, modern financial services (Allegro Pay), as well as Poland’s widest 50k pickup points network.

Tedalian provided Allegro with translation support during business meetings with partners and potential merchants. Thanks to this, we enabled smooth communication and easy-to-understand presentation of a wide range of services for Spanish companies interested in selling their products on the Allegro shopping platform. 

In addition, our cooperation at the exhibition stand contributed to a faster generation of leads through the proactive transfer of information and rising interest in Allegro’s offer among visitors to the e-Commerce fair.

Our client: PP Duo

Business meetings translation assistance and lead generation at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne. PP-DUO ( is one of Poland’s most innovative label solution companies. Its approach to sustainable labelling products involves the application of recyclable materials, such as sugarcane fibres, crushed grape or cotton, as well as environmentally friendly label design and ink. Thanks to this approach, creativity and new material, labelling technology has become a part of the sustainable product life cycle process and now contributes to the circular economy model. Furthermore, the application of advanced label glue on reusable packaging like glass bottles, let PP-DUO develop washable labels that are easily removable from the surface, reducing the quantity of water and energy needed for the cleaning process.

The contracted service consisted of translation support in German and English during business meetings that took place at the Anuga FoodTec exhibition. Thanks to our commitment and participation in meetings, we managed to improve the communication flow of conversations and contributed to establishing cooperation within the design and production of innovative labels intended for marking food products. In addition, our presence at the customer’s stand during the exhibition helped to generate an additional 20% of leads through active approach to companies and potential customers interested in PP-DUO labels.

Our client: CX80

Distribution network development in Spain and sales setup of CX80 products to the Spanish marketplace CX80 ( is a leading Polish manufacturer of industrial greases, lubricants, adhesives and silicones that started its business activity more than 30 years ago as a family company, and today is a respected and widely recognized brand in Poland. More than 10 years ago the internationalization journey started after the definition of a new strategy and mission. Innovation, high quality components and environmentally friendly products stay in the centre of the product development.

Now, more than 20 international markets in Europe, Americas and Asia know CX80. High quality products, feasible and solid supply chain capabilities, as well as manufacturing processes have been recognized and trusted by customers such as Mercedes Benz, Renault, Hyundai, Procter & Gamble, DuPont and Toyota, to mention a few.

As part of the expansion of international sales markets, Tedalian was awarded services to perform a market prospect in Spain, create awareness among potential distributors and suppliers of solutions for the Spanish industry, and lead the offering process of CX80 products. After conducting a marketing campaign, 120 distribution companies in Spain got to know our client’s product offer, 40 companies asked for a price offer, we held 16 business meetings, 10 distributors ordered product samples and 5 started cooperation with CX80. Additionally, the chain of automotive stores Aurgi ( introduced our client’s product portfolio to its market place.

Our client: Agencja Rozwoju Małopolski Zachodniej S.A.

Organization of workshops and onsite meetings for representatives of local governments from Lesser Poland with Spanish firms.
The NextGenerationEU Plan offers a huge opportunity for EU members to develop sustainable infrastructure, push ahead with digitalization and implement circular economy projects. At the same time, the conversion of available funds into profitable projects delivered in time and budget can be a challenge, whereas the public-private partnership looks to be the project management vehicle that best fits the innovation, cost control and delivery strategies.

A group of Polish mayors from the Region of Malopolska, well advanced in the planning process of new municipal projects and defining social strategic goals for agenda 2030, came to Spain for the exchange of ideas and best practices with Spanish business representatives. Tedalian organized business meetings with some leading Spanish and international companies from industry, environment protection, real estate, technology and engineering, including FCC, Lysander, TYPSA, Arrabe Integra, Dron Hopper, Bike-in Factory, Broadway Malyan and Nexus Integra. The delegation of local governments from Lesser Poland also visited the recycling facility in Loeches near Madrid.

We had very fruitful discussions about smart cities, waste management strategies, e-mobility and public-private partnership. We hope that the workshop will open some interesting business opportunities for Spanish companies in Poland and offer Polish municipalities from Malopolska to explore potential collaboration with the private sector that can bring advanced technology, deep knowledge and best management practices.

Our client: Spanish juices and drinks producer

Development and performance of the purchasing process to select and implement production of private label energy drinks.
The client is a Spanish producer of fruit juices, mixed fruit-vegetable juices and refreshing drinks, which are widely appreciated by consumers on the Spanish market and in many countries of Scandinavia, Western Europe and North Africa.

Aiming an expansion of the product portfolio, Tedalian was awarded with a project to carry out a purchasing process and, consequently, to select and implement its own brand of energy drink to be produced in Poland. As part of the project, we established contacts with the sales departments of the largest producers of energy drinks in Poland, inviting them to the tender process to create the client’s own brand. During the tender process, we assessed the proposed products in terms of their composition, taste and available certificates. 

We evaluated Polish manufacturers from the production capacity, business parameters and customer base point of view. As a result, we selected finalists who presented their product and price offer, provided their product samples and listed references of completed projects. After final negotiations conducted on behalf of the client, which concerned the terms of contract execution, the can design and economic conditions, a producer of private label energy drink was selected.